Transparency is key to building trust

Your clients expect transparency, security and – above all – that you grow the value of their investments. As financial circumstances and personal needs vary from client to client, you need to offer individual solutions which generates a considerable volume of extra work.

Expecting more from your partner bank?

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Concentrate on your Core Business

From custody account administration to the processing of client orders, Swissquote can take some of this workload off your hands thanks to our cutting-edge technology and extensive range of products

Your are then free to focus all your energy on your strategy and quickly offer your clients customized solutions.

Professional asset manager tool

Our Asset Manager Tool, which has been developed in collaboration with independent asset managers, offers administrative assistance and time saving solutions.

The main advantages:

  • Collective orders allow you to react immediately to volatile markets.
  • Clients can be broken down into different groups by strategy.
  • Customized fee structures can be programmed in the system.
  • “View only” feature provides transparency for your clients.
  • Transaction statements are available online.