Trust and Security, the Basis of a Strong Partnership

Swissquote Dubai provides you with expertly-engineered financial tools, professional analysis and relevant real-time information to optimize your investment strategy and stay in control of your portfolio.

Why Swissquote

  • Swissquote currently maintains over 600 relationships with institutional clients from around the world.
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Asset managers

No two clients have the same financial situation and requirements when it comes to cash flow.

  • Our Asset Manager Tool takes criteria such as these into account allowing you to fully concentrate on your core competences.
  • And of course you benefit from favorable conditions and a dedicated B2B support.

White label Solutions

Provide trading services to your own customers using Swissquote’s technology and liquidity.

  • Benefit from cost effective turnkey technology and liquidity solutions.
  • Low cost setup and customized demo registration.
  • Multiple currency account in the name of your institution