ePrivate Banking

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The minimum amount to open an ePrivate Banking account is USD 20,000.-. Once you have opened an account, you can, of course, withdraw part of your investment and continue to use our service. Unless otherwise indicated by us, “All-in” fees are charged annually.

Assets under management in USD or equivalent in foreign currency
Minimum annual fees USD 500.-
From USD 20,000 to USD 200,000 1.250 %
From USD 200,001 to USD 350,000 1.100 %
USD 350,001 and above 0.950 %
Interest 0.050 %
- Fees are calculated by tranche and on a sliding scale - Minimum recommended investment: USD 50,000.-

Fees included in the All-in Fee
Portfolio management fees1 The All-in Fee icludes all portfolio management fees, with no limit on the number of times the portfolio is rebalanced annually.
Administrative fees The «All-in Fee» includes events such as «corporate actions», transaction charges, custody fees and quarterly reports.
Tax Statement/Declaration of income form The «All-in Fee» includes the costs incurred in the production of tax statement/declaration of income forms.
Incoming payments2 lncluded
Outgoing payments The All-in Fee also includes payments in CHF and in EUR to SEPA zone countries.

Costs not included in the All-in Fee
Third-party costs The All-in Fee does not incude fees charged by a third party/intermediary such as Swiss federal stamp duty, any foreign stamp duty, stock exchange charges or broker's fees.
Outgoing payments Outside SEPA zone, EUR 2.00/EUR 10.00, USD 10.00
1 Manual transactions generated by the client, not the agorithm, are billed in addition to the above, at a rate of 0.1% of the transation amount (min. 9.00/ max. 99.00) 2 Taxes and/or fees received by any lntermediaries are reserved