Welcome to ePortfolios
a solution geared to non-specialist
investors who are interested in an
easy to manage portfolio.


by Swissquote
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Why choose ePortfolios?

  • Investment solutions for non-specialist Investors
  • Best-of-breed professional Fund Managers
  • Allows you to save on a regular basis
  • Linked to your Expat Account for ease of us

Your Benefits

  • Low minimum investments
  • Portfolio selection is based on your personal risk preferences
  • Access to a wide range of leading Fund Managers
  • Cost-effective range of investment solutions

How it works

  • You choose your risk profile by completing our online risk questionnaire
  • Based on your profile, our system recommends the appropriate Portfolio
  • Your portfolio is then managed on an automated basis, if required we reallocate to ensure alignment with the original objective

Cost & Conditions ePortfolios

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