by Swissquote
Annual Management fees 0.75% (min. CHF 50.-) of the assets under management
Interests 0.10% 0.10% 0.10%
Payments inbound* Free of charge
Payments outbound 15 15 15
Tax statement/Income statement* Free of charge
*Taxes and/or fees perceived by intermediaries are reserved. Valid from 27.02.2014

General Information

  • These prices include neither Swiss federal stamp duty, nor any possible foreign stamp duty, nor stock exchange taxes.
  • The tariffs, commissions, and other fees mentioned do not include possible Swiss or foreign taxes or duties (e.g. VAT, Swiss federal stamp duty, foreign stamp duty) or possible third-party fees (e.g. broker's fees).
  • All tariffs, commissions, and other fees may be changed at any time. Please refer to this page before carrying out any transaction or requesting any service.