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Swissquote Dubai's user-friendly and secure financial platform is accessed by the largest customer base in Switzerland. With a wide range of products, research and analysis tools in real-time information, you have everything you need to manage your investment portfolio, quickly and easily.

Why Swissquote

  • At home or abroad, you will have permanent access to your account and enjoy our main services at no cost.

Investment Ideas

  • Themes Trading - Science, finance, environment, health…. Our investments opportunities are based on thematic market trends. Just choose your favorite theme and you are ready to trade.
  • ePrivate Banking Insights - With an overview of the key macro themes that should drive the equity market in the next few months, you are ready to enhance the construction of your ePrivate Banking Portfolio or generate your individual investment strategy.

Cost & Conditions Trading Platform

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Financial Tools

  • Analysis and research tools help you to find the right product.
  • Within a few clicks you get all necessary information and are ready to buy or sell instantly.
  • Create your Personal watchlist to optimize your investments


  • Institutional security of a Swiss bank
  • Three-level security for your account access
  • Technological security respecting bank’s exigences

Global Trading

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