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Forging ahead into a golden future

The precious yellow metal, one of the oldest forms of investment, has not lost any of its lustre in today’s world. In these uncertain market times, gold tends to hold or increase its value. Considered the ultimate safe haven asset, investors should consider gold as part of a well-diversified long term portfolio.

Gold Active Certificate

Swissquote Gold Active Certificate offers a smarter way to invest in the rare metal for the long term. To counteract the fact that gold goes through significant periods of stagnant and bearish pricing, part of the strategy aims to generate income. While the majority of the portfolio remains dedicated to long-term investment in gold, the algorithm occasionally activates a "covered call" strategy. This method consists of periodically selling call options to lower volatility and achieve returns that can be expected to outshine the total return generated by a portfolio holding the same allocation of physical gold.

  • Increased growth potential
  • Broad diversification
  • Professionally and actively managed
  • Traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange
  • CHF 9.- flat transaction costs
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Looking to invest in a sector you care about, but don't have the time, knowledge or funds to build and maintain a full portfolio?

Trade a balanced selection of stocks in a single click with Swissquote Themes Trading Certificates. Based on a portfolio of stocks tied to a specific theme or industry sector, they are handpicked and constantly optimized by our experts.

Simplicity & Transparency
Trade a broad selection of stocks in 1 click and know exactly what you are investing in

Intuitive Investing
Invest in a trend you like without the need of time, knowledge or funds to build your portfolio

Insightful Ideas
Thematic portfolios provide access to innovating investment ideas

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