Easy and intuitive

Extremely user-friendly, your electronic asset manager assists you step by step, respecting your personal parameters for your individual investment strategy.

ePrivate Banking

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Your personal risk profile

Do you want 'safety first' by favouring ethical stocks or Swiss equities? Or do you want greater exposure in the hope of achieving better returns? Based on your specified criteria, the electronic asset manager will issue you with a number of tailored proposals.

Your choice of parameters

You define the amount as well as the currency in which you invest. You can also determine your investment universe and define particular sectors. What's more, 'advanced' mode affords you an even greater level of personalisation.

When to intervene

Once you've made your choices, the electronic asset manager does the rest. However, if you would like to change your strategy, simply indicate your new preferences. Our tools will suggest new investment ideas and provide an additional guarantee for maintaining your profile.

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